Metro started as the first free newspaper in Stockholm in February 1995. A genius product loved by its audience – young, urban and modern people. Today there are hundreds of free newspapers around the world and the competition is extremely tough. To be a winner with a unique position and differentiate from local competitors/copy cats, Metro International has developed a dynamic global brand strategy.

The strategy is divided up in three global marketing pillars:

Promoting the product

Thanks to Metro’s global network plus the news hub Metro World News, Metro can produce unique content for our readers, e.g. global themes, interviews with world leaders, global guest editors etc.


Promoting the brand

The advertising message “Daily Yours” ensure the brand statement and positioning on all markets: “The unique source to get out more of your Metropolitan life”.

Promoting-the-brand-2 Promoting-the-brand-1 







Global synergies

Thanks by being global we share ideas, best practice, share cost and most important of all – we have a consistent brand message on all markets. Metro is a TRUE GLOBAL BRAND!