Building the “Metro Moment”

Did you know our readers don’t mind reading second hand copies? And that they are ready to participate in a daily recycling program? Did you know our customers expect the newspaper on its path to work every morning of the year? These are just few learning from our yearly surveys helping us to understand and follow up with the changing habits of the metropolitans.

By understanding our audience, Metro has been able to build its production, deliveries, promoter shifts, uniforms and field branding as well as innovative material to meet the conditions to create the perfect Metro Moment.

Ensure environmentally friendly trucks, quality and timely print production, conscientious vans and drivers, motivated and trustworthy field crew, latest technological tools using a combination of GPS and RFID supports us in being at the right place at the right time all year long worldwide. These are just some of the ingredients to successfully create the interrelation between the product and our target.

A winning combination that has helped us increase our readership from Sao Paulo to Moscow, from Hong Kong to New York, a custom built network, which listens to its consumers.

Metro’s typical readers are metropolitan professionals on their way to work. To reach this busy audience Metro is distributed during the morning commute, when minds are fresh and there is time to spare. You can pick up your copy of Metro in high-traffic commuter zones and public transport networks such as busy streets, subways, train stations, bus stations, offices, retail outlets, universities, high-schools, airports, hotels and, of course, right here, online.

Putting a copy of Metro in the hands of millions of professionals in so many cities each day sounds like an impossible task. How do we do it?

Creative Distribution

  • Repackage the newspaper: creating a unique product where readers interact with the brand gets immediate attention
  • Giveaways and sampling: if you try it, you are more likely to buy it! Sampling gets the product right into the hands of your target audience
  • Branded promoters: does your brand require extra attention? branded promoters reinforce your message
  • Branded racks: reach your customer even before they pick up the Metro with branded racks
  • Bespoke distribution: Metro can also be given out at different times of the day to get your brand into hands at the right time