Mission, Vision & Values

Why should people have to pay for their news?

That innocent question, first asked in Stockholm, Sweden, back in 1995, today has become a global newspaper distributed in more than 150 cities. We believe that ideas can, and will, change our world.

We have summarized who we are and were we want to go below. It may seem simple, but then again, so are most truly great ideas.


We are the world’s largest newspaper. We inform and entertain in a smart and efficient way: on-line and off-line.


We want to become the most successful media company and the first choice for urban people and global brands.


Our common set of values describe our common beliefs, our culture and common priorities, which are guidelines for the company behavior – the Metro Spirit. And these values are not only for the company but also for the company stakeholders and environmen


Creative         Entrepreneurs          Flexible    

    We push boundaries            We are passionate and               We are inventive and

                                                       committed to success               responsive to your needs


Rebels            Independent            Efficient

We are brave challengers     We are firm in our values        We collaborate and help           

        of the status quo                 and we strive to be fair                  each other to win