Not only is Metro International the world’s largest newspaper, we are a 21st century newspaper. The traditional stereotypes attached to most newspapers do not hold true for Metro.

Our strategy is to invest in increasing the quality of our newspapers with exclusive, unique content. What others charge for, we provide for free. Where others reduce, we invest. Where others stagnate, we innovate.

Metro is a news summary that carries the most important national, local and international news. We are obsessed with being neutral, unbiased and precise. Metro is published without any political, religious or economic bias, something we are very protective and proud of. Our readers value this objectivity, just one of the advantages for our commercial clients wishing not to be associated with anything but their own message.

We keep interest high with lots of articles using our unique design and storytelling elements. Metro World News, our central content production centre, ia a resource for writers, editors and designers who are able to utilise the talents of our 400 local journalists across four continents.

While other media owners are closing foreign and domestic bureaus, strengthening their reliance on wire and pool reporting and generally tightening their belts, we do the opposite: investing in our product.

We are always seeking to challenge the standards for newspaper advertising; always looking for new solutions to offer smarter and more effective ways of reaching readers. This way we make sure that our clients can deliver their message to such an attractive target group as possible.

Extending beyond print – examples from our vast product portfolio