Target Audience

More than half of humanity now lives in cities. Combined with the effects of globalisation and the digital revolution, the way we live in modern cities has a profound impact on the way we think. Cultural differences and geographical boundaries become less relevant.

The Metropolitans  

A global class of citizens is emerging in modern cities who share a Metropolitan mindset. The meeting and melding of cultures and ideas in cities produces a mindset that is innovative, creative and excited by new challenges.

Metropolitans are affluent, creative, ‘switched on’, socially liberal, mobile, globally and environmentally conscious. They are less defined by race, colour, culture, politics or geography than by their common citizen of cities.

Like cities, Metropolitans are full of paradoxes and can be hard to understand. They have big egos, but they are altruistic. They worry about the environment, but love shopping. They aren’t especially satisfied with life, but they believe there’s a bright future ahead.

The Metropolitan Report

Created by Metro International, the world’s largest urban newspaper, the Metropolitan Report aims at helping local and global marketers, employers and public officials to better understand the mind and lifestyle of Metropolitans in order to better connect with this increasingly influential global target group.

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