20th Century Fox International – Avatar

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For the high profile launch of the 20th Century Fox’s Avatar, Metro’s Global Sales team were given a very specific task; to deliver a big, bold and impactful campaign that communicated a more in-depth story, going one step further than the poster.


Working closely with 20th Century Fox, Metro produced and distributed a limited edition 12 page Avatar glossy booklet. This was distributed across 8 countries in Europe, South America and Asia. The booklet was supported with front and back cover in-paper activity.


By delivering a much deeper communication about the Avatar story directly into readers’ hands, Metro motivated readers to find out more and go to see the movie.

  • 510,000 copies of the glossy Avatar booklet were distributed with Metro around the world.
  • 2.7billion was the final box office figure in US$ for Avatar, making it by far, the most successful film in history.