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H&M – Metro Day at H&M


The Metro Day at H&M is a promotional event offering a special 25% discount on an H&M item for the Metro readers in Canada.


Launching with a 3 day pre-promotion for the event, readers and shoppers could get a discount just by showing their copy of Metro – either the print copy or the Metro app.

On the day of the event, street promoters were located outside the H&M flagship stores to drive traffic and shoppers in the right direction. Special designed Metro paper dresses made out of previous H&M ads in Metro!

Metro racks highlighted the event for the shoppers and readers. Metro also used social media channels Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter to create even more buzz and ran a contest on Club Metro with the chance to win a $100 gift card to H&M.

Winner comments

We are thrilled to be recognized for Metro Day at H&M in Canada! Metro Day at H&M has been a huge success, creating excitement, driving store traffic and generating sales!

-Stacey Najman, Marketing Manager, H&M Canada


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