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French Canada | April 2013


Association des concessionnaires Toyota/Bleu Blanc Rouge Agency


To find a creative way to demonstrate that the new RAV4’s trunk opens upward.

Creative format, 4 pages wrap

The Metro logo was placed horizontally across the front page so readers would turn the paper sideways in order to get the experience of opening the trunk of the car. Spread (page 2&3) was positioned across, creating the tabloid sheet format which highlighted that the trunk opens upward – a real novelty for RAV4 as the trunk used to open sideways.

Winner comments

This is a great case where media literally transcends the message. Creativity pays off as Toyota has regained the top spot in the crossover segment. Thanks to our Metro partner for being part of this great success!

– Dave Gourde, Media Director, Bleu Blanc Rouge agency


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