Metro Video Challenge


With the success of Metro Global Photo Challenge we wanted to explore a new artistic segment – video! People love to share and watch videos on YouTube. Video recorders devices are better, cheaper and more available than ever before. Anybody can become a “Coppola”, “Bergman” or “Tarantino”!

Together with the famous video and movie director Jonas Åkerlund, we created a global concept similar to the Metro Global Photo Challenge, but with videos and with Jonas as the global jury chairman.


A global multi-channel advertising campaign, adapted to 20 countries, combining print, radio, TV, on-line and social media to maximize attention and to engage readers to vote and submit videos in three different themes to the extensive website. The website offered different features and happenings to enhance the experience and to make people participate by linking to their Facebook accounts. Local editorial departments wrote stories, made interviews and published videos from the competition on their news portals.


The advertising campaign reached over 33 million people, mobilized great engagement in social media and thousands of videos were uploaded on the website. Three happy winners got global recognition.

Have a look at the Juries number one favorite – “My Jungle” from Denmark: