Samsung – London Olympics 2012

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London Torchbearer Nomination Campaign


In June 2011 Samsung were launching their campaign to promote the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Nominations, the idea being that members of the public could nominate or be nominated to take part in the official torch relay across 10 cities June – September. To nominate, members of the public would have to go to a Vodafone store and explain online why that person should be nominated.


Metro and Samsung teamed up to produce a special glossy, high quality bag wrap which would promote the campaign and drive people to the Vodafone stores. Using striking creative featuring Samsung’s Olympic ambassador, David Beckham, alongside real people, the wrap created huge impact and standout among readers in central London. Distribution locations were handpicked for their close proximity to Vodafone stores. 20,000 copies of the special wrap were distributed across 5 high traffic London Underground locations.

In addition to the special wrap a dominator campaign featuring the first ads in-paper gave readers a feeling of a Samsung takeover once the wraps had been taken off. This activity ran nationally across the UK, giving Samsung fully national cover, ensuring their campaign would be seen by all Metro readers, not just those in London.


A high profile campaign which resonated and engaged with readers across the UK, particularly in London where the special wrap was distributed. Reader Vox Pops clearly showed that the wrap had a big impact, was seen as being different, creative and innovative and more importantly got the message across clearly.