Sanyo Xacti

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For the launch of the new Sanyo Xacti dual camera/camcorder, Metro International and Sanyo teamed up to produce a campaign which utilised newspaper and online platforms across 5 countries: Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, France and the UK.


High profile front page adverts in addition to half page advertorials launched the campaign and drove readers to a bespoke online mircosite, which housed a competition to win $10,000! Readers were encouraged to vote for their favourite online star in categories ranging from extreme sports to music. Multiple, small cut-out adverts featuring the product and competition appeared in the newspaper over the course of a month, with the addition of online formats to reinforce the campaign.


Sanyo’s fully integrated campaign was a great success, encouraging readers to participate by voting for their favourite videos online.

  • 88% of the respondents remembered seeing the advert
  • 48% correctly identified it as being Sanyo Xacti
  • Recall of the Sanyo Xacti grew by 11% after the Metro campaign
  • 45% growth in recognition of the Sanyo Xacti product after the campaign