Metro World News: A Global Wire

From the company that invented a different media comes a different content enterprise. Metro World News is Metro International’s central content resource — a “boutique wire service” — comprised of 10 full-time writers, editors and designers who create original material, and harness the talents and access of our more than 400 local journalists across four continents.

The resulting stories cover a world’s worth of news, entertainment, style, health and motoring, with each piece written for the same reader: a youthful, engaged professional seeking to understand what’s happening right now.

This content is currently published in all Metro Editions, reaching 40+ million readers every week:

  • Exclusive interviews with film stars, celebrities, musicians; sit-downs with heads of state, business leaders and opinion leaders with Metro VIPs series; in-depth reporting with Metro Focus; innovative and interactive info-graphics partnerships with global brands like CNN
  • Weekly sections: Style, Fitness & Well-being, Motoring, Trends
  • Special Issues that run globally: The Green Issue, The Love Issue, The Readers’ Issue, The Money Issue, and many more
  • Global Guest Editors: We’ve scored pop superstar Lady Gaga, fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and business scion Sir Richard Branson

We are where you live. We are where you’re going. We are where you want to be.

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