Bryan Cranston: ”Maybe he needs to die”

Walter White himself speculates on how “Breaking Bad” will end

 With the end of “Breaking Bad” drawing near — the final eight episodes of the critically acclaimed drama will air next year — speculation is running rampant about how the story will end. And star Bryan Cranston has some ideas about what will happen to Walter White, his cancer-suffering high school teacher turned meth-dealing crime lord — namely, he could very well kick the bucket. “Maybe the guy who has created all this toxic waste around him, maybe that’s the happy ending. Maybe that he needs to die to make it happy,” Cranston says.

Cranston is quick to point out, though, that this is all speculation on his part, since the final episodes haven’t been shot and creator Vince Gilligan is keeping him in the dark — probably because of interviews like this one. “I don’t know, I honestly don’t know how it’s going to end,” Cranston admits. “I don’t ask, [Gilligan] doesn’t tell me.”

Whatever becomes of Walter White, Cranston is at peace with the show drawing to a close. “I feel good, yes. We will have amassed 62 episodes and I think that’s right,” he says. “I would always rather end something I’m very proud of a year or two early rather than a year too late. You don’t want audiences going, ‘Breaking Bad, is that still on the air?’ You don’t want to hear that. You want to hear, ‘Breaking Bad, ah, man, I miss that show.’”

Still, Cranston says viewers should be prepared for a pretty grisly finale — and diehard fans of the show are ready for that. “It’s going to come to a horrible end and they know it,” he says. “The people who are really into the show don’t care, they’ve got to go. That’s brilliant structure to be able to do that, because you have now people who are following me and I’m doing all these despicable things.”

By Ned Ehrbar, Metro World News in Hollywood