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Adidas Group CEO Herbert Hainer

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“Shoes and shirts will be your personal trainer”

Adidas is the main sponsor of Euro 2012 and the 2012 Olympics, and CEO Herbert Hainer is projecting great jersey sales no matter the outcome.

Ai Weiwei, Chinese dissident

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Unveils This Year's Unilever Installation At The Tate Modern

China’s leading dissident artist Ai Weiwei has accepted a new teaching post at an arts university in Germany, but did not know whether the Chinese authorities will allow him to assume the role.

Alexey Navalny, Russian dissident

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Is he on a suicide mission? The task Alexey Navalny has set himself, exposing corruption in Russia, seems too big for one person. Russia is, after all, a country near the bottom of Transparency International’s Corruptions Perceptions Index. But Russians are sick of corruption – and this could topple Putin, Navalny tells Metro.

Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterbacka


As you’re reading this, people next to you on the bus or the subway platform are playing Angry Birds. The game, launched by a tiny Finnish company only two years ago, has transfixed the world with its angry – but cute – birds launching pigs

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon, recently confirmed for a second five-year term as United Nations Secretary-General, has grand new plans: saving the world through energy access – and a new “twin UN”. But before then he has to deal with a more immediate crisis: Syria. As yet another peace attempt collapsed, Ban met Metro for an exclusive interview.

Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director

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When she met with Metro for an exclusive interview at France’s Ministry of Finance, Christine Lagarde wore a dress suit in bright yellow – the color Queen Elizabeth wore at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding this spring. It promptly turned into a fashion trend.

Comandante Camila, LatAm student leader


Students, unite! Comandante Camila — young and attractive — is Chile’s new revolutionary leader. Like a latter-day Che Guevara, she wants a Communist revolution – but not with weapons.

Fawzia Koofi, Afghanistan’s top female politician


What’s a mere death threat? Several assassination attempts haven’t deterred Fawzia Koofi. The 36-year-old widow and mother of two is Afghanistan’s first female Speaker of Parliament and the highest-ranging woman in Afghan politics.

François Hollande, President of France


A President of France who has never been a cabinet minister? Until recently, the thought would have been absurd. But the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal has thrown France into turmoil.

IKEA CEO Mikael Ohlsson


In every corner of the earth, IKEA symbolizes cheap, trendy living. Metro travelled to IKEA’s home country to meet CEO Mikael Ohlsson – in an IKEA store of course. Ohlsson, a down-to-earth Swede who favors sweaters over business suits, started his IKEA career selling rugs.