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Ilya Yashin, Russian dissident


Ilya Yashin, co-leader of Russia’s opposition Solidarnost movement, is charismatic, well-educated and fearless. And he’s only 28. Not surprisingly, he has become the new face of Russia’s opposition. Despite Vladimir Putin’s guaranteed victory in Russia’s presidential election on March 4, Russians are fed up with his rule, he says.

Leymah Gbowee, Liberian Nobel Peace Prize winner


Who said sex and politics don’t mix? Led by Leymah Gbowee, a young mother, Liberian women went on a sex strike to end the country’s brutal civil war. They were successful. Last year Gbowee won a Nobel Peace Prize for her campaign. With Liberia’s former President, Charles Taylor, about to be sentenced for war crimes in The Hague, Metro spoke with Gbowee.

Mizuho Fukushima, Japanese anti-nuclear leader

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The Fukushima accident shocked the world. But for years Mizuho Fukushima, the leader of Japan’s Social Democratic party, had warned of just such an accident. Now the country is listening to its most famous anti-nuclear campaigner. “Leaders have kept the truth hidden from citizens, but Japan is changing”, she says.

Richard Branson


‘Sir’ Richard Branson went into business when he was 16 years old. He now owns planes, trains and telecom companies in his enormous imperium. This year the now 61-year old Branson wants to send people into space.

London Olympics boss Sebastian Coe


The success of the London Olympics rests on one man’s shoulders. Fortunately, the shoulders belong to an exceptionally fit man. Sebastian Coe is an Olympic legend himself. I’m doing this job for the athletes, he says.

Syrian opposition leader Razan Zeitouneh


Russia and China have vetoed a UN Security Council resolution against Syria, where security forces have now killed over 5,000 protesters. Razan Zeitouneh, too, could be killed any day. The 34-year-old Syrian human rights lawyer is the official face of Syria’s pro-democracy uprising. Her organization, SHRIL, gathers information about killings and torture by the regime.

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister

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The Middle East is erupting in flames — and Tony Blair has to fix it. When the former British Prime Minister became the international community’s Middle East envoy in 2007, that meant leading the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It still does, but now his job includes democratic transformations and civil wars, too.