Last Week of Submissions for World’s Largest Photo Competition

Metro, together with the Swedish advertising agency Scholz & Friends, launched a bold campaign in September in Metro’s 23 markets to kick-start this year’s edition of the world’s largest photo contest: Metro Photo Challenge. The campaign meant that each Metro newspaper would print their front cover in a different language for one day. The Mexican Metro was printed in Russian, the Belgian in Chinese, the Ecuadorian in Swedish, and so on. The only thing the readers could understand picking up the paper was the photos – the one and only universal language everyone, everywhere can understand.

Paying tribute to photography and its power to capture an emotion, readers from across the globe were encouraged to submit their own photos to Metro Photo Challenge. The submissions are now open for their final week and will close on Sunday October 13th. The launch campaign praising the universal language of photos was a global success and the competition has already attracted 30 000+ photographers and 95 000+ photos.

In the prize pot lays a unique photo expedition to Ghana in West Africa. Amazed by the quality of the photo submissions, Metro in partnership with Reach for Change has now added a second lucky grand winner. The two grand winners will be one chosen by the global jury and now also one favoured by the public – whoever receives the most votes, likes and views.

“We are very honored that Metro chose to work with us. They are a prestigious brand that have over 18 million daily readers worldwide”, says Alexander Gauffin from Scholz & Friends.

Jeremy Bryant, VP of Marketing at Metro International says: “The launch campaign promoting photos as the universal language was a global success – we already have visits from 191 different countries. Scholz & Friends have challenged us with a creative and daring campaign – exactly what we want from our collaborators”.

To compete in Metro Photo Challenge – upload your best pictures in the following categories; Hearing, Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell and The Sixth sense on Sponsors this year are, apart from Reach for Change; Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Colourbox and Energizer, among others.

For further information please visit or contact:

Jeremy Bryant                      Global Marketing Director                           [email protected]



Metro is the largest international newspaper in the world. Metro is published in over 100 major cities in 23 countries across Europe, North & South America and Asia. Metro has a unique global reach – attracting a young, active, well-educated Metropolitan audience of over 18 million daily readers.