Metro BELIEBES in Love!

Join Metro and Justin Bieber on February 14th — and show you still believe in love!

Metro, the world’s largest global newspaper, is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special edition dedicated to love on February 14th. International pop superstar Justin Bieber will collaborate with Metro to show the love to one lucky fan, who will win a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience during Bieber’s European “Believe” tour.

 The special Love Issue will contain an exclusive Q&A with Bieber; his favourite love songs playlist; an ode to the lost art of the love letter; a guide to romance in 2013; and our round up of the most impressive public displays of affection. The content will appear across all 23 Metro countries. 

The contest will kick off with the Love Issue on February 14th and continue for two weeks. It’s simple: Readers grab a copy of the Love Issue, photograph themselves with the newspaper in a place they’d take Bieber on a date, and upload it to Metro’s Facebook page. The more “likes”, the better the chances of being personally selected by Bieber to win! The winner’s experience at the concert and backstage will be covered globally in Metro.


For further information, please visit, or contact:

Maggie Samways, EVP Global Editor in Chief  +44 207016 1300





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