Metro signals for Offside!

Metro invites readers to live the notorious lives of football players.


Over the roar of the crowd in the stadium, Metro International invites their readers to a special ‘off-the-pitch’ World Cup 2014 experience. Because fame, money and fast cars – that’s what football’s all about, right?!


Launching on June 12th, The Offside Game will let Metro readers become ‘true’ football heroes and see just what life’s like as a celebrity sports star. The aim of the game is to conquer tough scenarios, hit the headlines and become the world’s most notorious player. It’s a different approach from the usual football management game, as The Offside Game will need a whole different kind of management: damage control.


By collecting codes published daily in the Metro newspapers and on Metro web portals, readers will be able to navigate a range of scenarios and receive special gadgets to equip their avatar football player on the game platform. By making the right or wrong decisions, the media will praise (or punish) players for their notoriety with press points.


To get started, readers simply have to visit:


It has been an exciting journey to create a different kind of football game, engaging not only hardcore football fans, but reaching broadly out into the metropolitan audience” says Jeremy Bryant, VP Global Marketing, and adds “In close collaboration with the UK-based media agency, Futureproof, we managed to create a game that engages across all our channels, bringing the paper to digital and digital back to the physical paper.


We had so much fun working on this project. Thinking about how to bring football to a different kind of audience was a great challenge and really allowed us to use our creativity to the full. We always love working with the guys at Metro.” says Matt Campbell, Founder & Executive Creative Director at Futureproof. 


The Offside Game will run simultaneously with the FIFA World Cup 2014 calendar, from June 12 until July 13, 2014.


Futureproof are a progressive marketing agency that specialise in brand strategy, ideas, and integrated communication. They aim to make more effective marketing by combining creativity with robust strategic thinking, leading to results-focused ideas. From FMCG to charity, they apply this approach to all their projects across advertising, digital and social media.


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