The Sky is No Longer The Limit – Metro Sends a Reader to Space!

Metro International S.A. (“Metro”), the international newspaper group, today announced that the race to space is on! The competition opened for submissions on March 5th*. Metro will be the first newspaper to send one of its readers to space.

Metro collaborates with SXC – Space Expedition Curacao – to make this trip to space possible. The SXC team members are experienced aerospace and business professionals, with a passion for space travel. “It’s our mission to make space accessible to the world. Working together with what probably is the world’s most accessible news medium of our planet is of course a perfect match! We’re looking forward to do this exciting competition. The sky is no longer the limit!” says Michiel Mol, one of the founders of SXC.

To become one of the few “civilian astronauts”, readers have the opportunity to participate in a global competition: Readers can submit an inspiring proposal on why they deserve to go to space and answer a space “quiz” to test their knowledge of the galaxy and weigh flight-worthiness. Local Metro operations select a nominee and send their nominees to the global jury – comprised of members of both SXC and Metro International – that will make in-depth interviews before selecting the astronaut-to-be.

In addition to the space trip, the lucky winner receives astronaut training ahead of the 2014 trip and accommodation in Curacao, as well as the unique opportunity report from the training and trip.
The global finalists will be announced on the 12th of April – in a global special edition dedicated to the topic of space and the future of space travel.

Rick Searfoss, a NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle commander, and chief test pilot of the Lynx, reflects on being in space:”Looking at Earth from space is an experience that has truly changed my life. I flew the Space Shuttle three times, but of course the first time was by far the most impactful. Therefore I’m a little bit jealous of the person that’s going to win The Metro Race for Space: for him or her, this unique experience is still to come.”

* Local start dates may vary.

For further information, please contact:

Johanna Runebjörk     Tel +46 70 415 95 32
Metro International Email: 

For additional press information about SXC, please contact:

Eva van Pelt, PR Manager     Tel +31 61 469 46 81
SXC Email: 


Metro is the largest international newspaper in the world. Metro is published in over 100 major cities in 22 countries across Europe, North & South America and Asia. Metro has a unique global reach – attracting a young, active, well-educated Metropolitan audience of over 17 million daily readers.

SXC are dedicated to the development of space travel as a commercial means of transport and excited about participating in pioneering scientific research into space and space travel. Coming from different relevant backgrounds and having gathered many years of experience in leading roles, the men of SXC are very dependable and particularly well equipped for this ambitious space venture. In joining their forces, they have created a strong team with extensive knowledge of both aerospace and commerce.

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