They won’t even get Botox, but they think their friends need plastic surgery – New Metropolitan Survey reveals

Metro International S.A. (“Metro”) today announces the release of its largest study so far on the lives and attitudes of the demographic businesses worldwide seek to understand: the upwardly mobile urbanite. Metro’s third annual Metropolitan Report surveys the attitudes and ideals of the generation that is powering cities across the globe: the young, switched on, cutting edge denizens who are generating innovations and trends that will determine what tomorrow’s world looks like. Included in the study are findings provided by Whispr Group, a digital agency that “listened in” to conversations on social media to further understand how urbanites use new technologies to express themselves.  

“Via this report, Metro seeks to understand its core target to better serve and reach them” says Jeremy Bryant, VP Global Marketing. “Because Metro is a forward-thinking, mold-breaking media, it made sense to employ new innovative tools like Whispr Group’s social media data, which enables us to not only provide more relevance but also move away from the traditional way of collecting information.”  

For this study, over 325 million social media conversations were studied in real time online over a three month period by Whispr Group. “Creating the Metropolitan Report with such large quantitative data resulted in great consumer insights” says Joakim Leijon, CEO of Whispr Group. ”Advanced semantic technology and large conversation volumes online have allowed us to analyze people’s psychographic and behavioral patterns – without having to ask any questions”.  

Filling out the findings is data pulled from 5,000 surveys collected in five major cities across the globe. Metropolitans in Hong Kong, Moscow, London, New York and Sao Paolo answered questions about their attitudes about work, money, fitness — and even more personal topics. 

As a global newspaper that caters to these professionals, Metro operates with the understanding that the global culture of tomorrow is born in cities around the world today. The third Metropolitan Report gives that glimpse into tomorrow, with the analysis and expert insights that sketch out a vibrant portrait of what is coming next on the horizon.  

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Jeremy Bryant                                              VP Global Marketing at Metro         
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Joakim Leijon                                               CEO & Founder of Whispr Group     
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Metro is the largest international newspaper in the world. Metro is published in over 100 major cities in 24 countries across Europe, North & South America and Asia. Metro has a unique global reach – attracting a young, active, well-educated Metropolitan audience of over 18 million daily readers.  


Whispr Group is a data-driven digital agency based in New York and Stockholm, working with a global network of local market analysts to support and optimize the digital presence of international clients. Whispr mines online and social data and analyzes it to provide insights tailored to decision makers within marketing, PR and product development. These unbiased insights are used to develop strategies and activities online. They call this “Insights to Action”™. For more information, visit