Reach for Change

“Supporting social entrepreneurs with Reach for Change initiative makes a lot of sense for a company like Metro, that started its existence as an entrepreneurial venture.”  Sara Damber, CEO Reach for Change

In January 2010 after months of preparation and concept development Reach for Change was launched. Founded by Kinnevik Group, it is a non-profit foundation that prides itself to be run like an efficient business unit. Playing for Change is a co-operation between Kinnevik, Korsnäs, MTG, Tele2, Transcom, Hugo Stenbeck’s Foundation and us, Metro.

Reach for Change supports social entrepreneurs in developed and developing countries alike. These social entrepreneurs help children and youth to meet their basic needs and fulfill their personal development through personal projects and initiatives. Reach for Change administers financial resources, provides guidance in form of business expertise and offers media exposure and marketing. The entrepreneurs contribute with their vision, power of initiative and an in-depth understanding of the needs and reality of the local community.

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Metro’s active role in the collaborative initiative

At Metro we know that our core skills and capabilities lies in the efficient and sustainable delivery of a worldwide newspaper with original and relevant content to our reader. We do what we are best at, and do not claim to be experts in leading and executing social initiatives. We believe that this work is best left to foundations like Reach for Change. However, this does not mean that we accept a passive role in this initiative.

The initiative Reach for Change is a good example of how Metro wishes to participate in providing positive impact on local communities by leveraging our core skills. Today’s Metro is represented on the board of the Steering Group and CSR Group of Reach for Change. Metro is actively engaged in the way the initiative is run and executed by providing knowhow on what we do best; such as marketing and media exposure to help entrepreneurs successfully execute their visions and ideas. While Reach for Change continues to generate editorial content that our readers are interested in.